Lightwater Resilience Plan

The Lightwater Resilience Plan is organised  by Windsor Rackham of Lightwater Live and Windlesham Parish Councillor Katia Malcaus Cooper. Through a network of volunteers from the village we aim to assist those isolated and self isolating due to the Coronavirus or other conditions.

What we are doing

We have split Lightwater into 22 zones and assigned volunteers to each zone. The Lightwater Resilience Plan will be the first port of call for residents in that area and we aim to provide essential services to those isolated or self isolating. This is a Community Led project responding to the Coronavirus crisis. 

Zone Map

See a map of zones and points of interest, click each street and zone for more information


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Shopping and supplies

Important news from your local shops:


Many of your local shops in Lightwater are pulling-out the stops to help us all and are trying to put in place arrangements to help if anyone is in isolation and runs out of food, medicines or other essentials.

The following arrangements may change as circumstances change but at the time of launch the following apply if a resident asks a volunteer to shop for them:

All Volunteers, must for their own safety, wear provided gloves when dealing with residents.

COOK Frozen MealsPhone number 01276 850044

Cook are now able to handle telephone orders and take payment over the phone direct from residents. Collection and delivery are now all that is needed – no money needs to be handled! Volunteer will deliver goods and receipt to the doorstep and ensure customer receives and is satisfied. COOK will keep a second copy of the receipt.

CO-OP Volunteer will do the necessary shopping up to the £30 contactless limit, collect receipt and deliver goods and receipt back to customer. Repayment arranged with the LRP directly. Please note that the Co-op is open 7am-8pm Mon-Sat and 10am-4pm on Sunday. The Co-op operate an elderly opening service between 7am-9am Mon-Sat when the shop is quieter.

GEORGE ARTHUR – customers place order by phone 01276 472191. The butchers will prepare order and ring customer back to obtain payment by credit card. George Arthur will deliver goods to home address and notify customer that delivery has been made on doorstep or in safe, dry place.


LIGHTWATER NEWSAGENTS – 01276 473101- operate a local delivery service for anything and will take credit card details direct from customer over phone – no minimum spend.


LIGHTWATER PHARMACY – 01276 472310 – prescriptions can be picked-up by volunteers as long as they quote resident’s details as instructed by the pharmacy.. Repeat prescriptions can be dropped-off either in the Surgery or the Pharmacy

ADRIATICO ITALIAN TAKE-AWAY & RESTAURANT  – 01276 451806 – can take payment over the phone so customer can pay direct and no credit card needs to be handled here


ALL OTHER SHOPS – no specific details at the moment so would suggest you operate a standard system of collecting order from resident, with credit card and receipt system as specified above with Co-op. The Take-Aways listed below possibly already have a payment by phone system, or even a delivery service but we have been unable to confirm to date.

Half Moon Windlesham - 01276 473329 - are now offering full menu delivery service to supply you with classic pub food to your home. All you need to do is view the menu at and then phone the Half Moon to place your order for lunch or dinner.  Please note that a full off-licence drinks menu is also available.

This service will be offered from noon till 9pm and will include free delivery within Windlesham, Lightwater and Bagshot.

Response Aid Solutions Ltd, Darren Prangnell - 07739 180950

Fully trained and qualified first aid and ambulance services, emergency solutions to any problem - FREE to all the residents of Lightwater, including:

  • emergency medical advice needs, (if unable to get help from own GP or the NHS 111 service.

  • delivery of food parcels,

  • Food Bank deliveries

Counselling and emotional support: Ian Stephenson 07483 234997

Qualified Samaritan would like to offer free support to anyone in the village who is struggling with anxiety or experiencing any difficulty emotionally.

Boots Pharmacy – 01276 479875

Brons Newsagents – 01276 474559

Cinnamon Garden Indian Restaurant – 01276 850300

Mei’s Chinese Restaurant – 01276 489548

Oyster’s Fish & Chip Restaurant – 01276 477359 

Pappa John’s Pizza – 01276 477442

Post Office – 0845 722 3344

M&S/BP – 01276 476244


If you require urgent transport to ad from the doctor or hospital please contact the Surrey Heath Community Transport Team on 01276 707100



If you think you have symptoms – a new cough, and/or a high temperature, stay at home! Do not go to a GP Surgery, Pharmacy or Hospital.

IF your symptoms worsen, first visit NHS111 ONLINE.

Only call 111 if you cannot get help online. Anything else, phone your GP Surgery (01276 538600)

Community Service

Shopping and services

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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